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We are retired clerks, janitors and many other public service retirees. We gave back to our communities, not to become rich but to make our communities a better place to live, work and raise a family. Now in retirement, we're continuing to fight for the retirement security. Protecting our pensions, Social Security & Medicare is our top priority. Michigan Retirees United, AFSCME Chapter 255 is part of an expanding national network of almost 250,000 dues-paying, public service retirees in 41 chapters and 260 local sub-chapters. Join us today!


Retirees from across Michigan banded together to form Michigan Retirees United, AFSCME Chapter 255. They did so primarily, but not exclusively, to repel attacks to retirement programs for public service workers at the local, state and national levels.


The chapter will help the more-than 3,000 members gain a strong, collective voice, according to Henry Lykes, president.


“Just because you’ve retired from your former position, that doesn’t mean the fight to protect the freedom you’ve earned through your retirement is over,” said Lykes, a former waste water specialist. “A statewide chapter like ours ensures that we can help our retirees build power at more than just the local level, because what happens at the governor’s mansion in Lansing impacts retirees across the state."


Chapter 255’s creation was the result of years of planning and hard work.


The attacks from the highest level of statewide elected and bureaucratic entities have proved that a statewide AFSCME Retiree army is the only way to keep the benefits promised a reality. The energy and knowledge must be maximized in every part of Michigan.

Threats to retirement are real for the nation’s retirees, especially in Michigan.


Key victories include:


Eliminating a proposal to allow municipalities to automatically cut health care for existing retirees;

Retaining the ability of workers to move back into pension plans and for municipalities to re-open such plans;

Removing a proposal that would have eliminated health care for retirees who return to work with a different employer after they retire from a municipality; and

Ensuring there will be no new limitations on collective bargaining or arbitration.


We built power through solidarity in the union during our careers and now we’re building retiree power through our chapter.


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